Shopping Center

Investment Opportunity

Caspian International Fair is the first private fair in Iran which was inaugurated in 2006. It is located in the northwestern region of the country and in the city of Zanjan. The fairs features are as follow:

1. 220,000 square meter of exhibition, commercial and office space
2. 3 main exhibition salons
3. 6 corridors provide access to the main salons
4. Restaurant and coffee shop
5. Office spaces
6. Salons and spaces exclusively designed for office and commercial purposes

The Caspian Fair enjoys a very prominent status among the operating fairs of the country and is considered to be among the top five fairs of Iran. And this is of course due to its favorable and special geographical location of the Zanjan province and also the fact that this province neighbors 5 other provinces in northern and northwestern regions the country.

The Caspian Fair has 15000 square meters of roofed indoor space and 5000 square meters of outdoor venues and parking space.
The outstanding location of the Caspian Fair in the city of Zanjan and its permit for construction of hotels and commercial centers at the site of the fair on the one hand, and the potentials of the city and its population and the need for shopping and commercial centers on the other has made the fair a very popular and favorable location for investments.

The founders of the International Caspian Fair have the honor to invite all interested people, and internal and foreign companies active in the same fields, for cooperation. We would be honored to facilitate your visits from the mentioned fair and we would like to seize the opportunities of your cooperation and investments in our future projects which include the construction of a shopping center and 4 star hotel.

Features of the new project of commercial center:
Size of the project: 35,000 square meters 40,000 square meter of foundation for the center which includes
1- A commercial center
2- A Hyper Market
3- Restaurant, coffee shop, fast food joints, cinema, theme park and entertainment centers
4- A 4 star hotel covering 10,000 square meter
5- Office buildings to accommodate banks, insurance companies and travel agencies
6- Parking lot with capacity of 1000 cars

All interested parties are invited to obtain more information about the project via:
Phone: 021- 22902878-9
Fax: 021-22902798
Email: info@caspianieco.com