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Part of Exhibition Calendar

4th exhibiton of plant,urban,green spaces,medicinal plants and greenery equipments
1st exhibition tourism and capabilities of tourist attraction,and the 5th exhibition og iranian crafts
1st exhibition of food industry
exhibition of handicrafts and traditional foods
the 10th int exhibition of home appliances
the 10th specialized exhibition of building production,heating & cooling
the 8th specialized exhibition of water, sewage,electricity and gas (energy)
the 4th specialized exhibition of computer,telecommunications,CCTV,mobile &office machines and the 2nd exhibition of audio,video , and camera work
the 10th specialized exhibition of furniture
the 5th exhibition of wood,fittings and related equipment and 2nd exhibition of machinary and related equipment for furniture
2nd specialized exhibition of essentials for sport,recreation,health and stationery 2nd exhibition of selling essentials of mother,child and infat the 4th exhibition of iranian food,decorative lights,gifts and crafts
the 9th specialized exhibition of livestock and agricultural implements,aquatics and agricultural machinery